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Seat Availability

You are now reserving a space in the University Library Zernike
Please click here if you want to reserve a workplace or studio at the University Library City Centre

No need for reservations outside UG-only periods
As of 9 November, you no longer need to reserve a study place outside the UG-only/exam periods at the UB City Centre and the UB Zernike.
During UG-only/exam periods, you still need to reserve a study place here in LibCal.

See the overview of exam periods at the UB Zernike.

Please note: Studio reservations are still required. You can reserve a studio
at the UB Zernike here in LibCal, and a studio at the UB City Centre via the
UB app. 
For reserving a studio in the Zernike library, choose the category "Without computer" and the capacity "1-4 people". 

All EIKON pcs at the UB City Centre and the UB Zernike must still be reserved via LibCal. The EIKON pcs at the Zernike Library can be reserved via the form you are now in.  
The UB City Centre EIKON pcs need to be reserved via the UB City Centre LibCal

How to reserve a regular study place

  • Study places can only be reserved up to 4 days in the future.
  • In the chart below, available spaces are indicated in green. Click to set the start time, then choose the end time from the pull-down menu below the chart.
  • Once you’ve made your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with the check in code.
  • When you arrive at your study place, check in: scan the QR code on your table and enter the code from your confirmation email.
  • Please note: If you haven't checked in, 30 minutes after the start time, your reservation will automatically expire!
  • Please be aware that the University Library Zernike is a study zone, so please observe silence while getting to your place or studio. 
  • For the time being, you may bring water/tea/coffee to your work place.
  • Please dispose of your trash properly, and leave the work place that you used as you’d like to find it.
  • Finished early? Check out and make space for a fellow student.

We look forward to seeing you at the UB Zernike!

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