No need for reservations outside exam periods
You no longer need to reserve a study place outside the exam periods at the UB City Centre and the UB Zernike. During exam periods, you still need to reserve a study place here in LibCal.The next exam period will start on March 22, 2024. For further details, see the overview of UG-only periods at the UB Zernike.

Please note: Studio reservations are still required. You can reserve a studio at the UB City Centre via the UB app and a studio at the UB Zernike via LibCal

EIKON now from home via Workspace
The EIKON pcs at the UB City Centre and the UB Zernike have been replaced by access through Workspace. This means you can use EIKON from any device, provided you're logged in. For instructions on how to obtain a temporary account: please follow the steps described in the document 'Self registration procedure LSEG Workspace' in the Libguide Economics and Business.

Reserve a study place

All study places have QR codes which are linked to this online reservation system. The guidelines for reserving study places are as follows:

  • Study places can only be reserved by students of the UG.
  • Please note: If you haven't checked in 30 minutes after the start time, your reservation will automatically expire and be available again.
  • A study place can be booked for a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of an entire day, within the established opening hours of the building.
  • Study places can only be reserved up to 4 days in the future.
  • When you arrive at your study place, check in yourself: scan the QR code on your table and enter the code from your confirmation email. 
  • Make sure to take your reserved seat. 
  • Finished early? Check out and make space for a fellow student.


Available faculties and buildings